Several research projects are in progress; the four more important are:

off shore floating with monotube rafts: MOROS

storage system in deep ocean: DOGES

storage system with isothermal hydraulic compression ICAES

reflectors and bifacial panels a BIFTER



Monotube Raft Off Shore is our proposal for floating plants in open sea.

This is a new technology coming from an idea of our group. The target is to unite strenght and simplicity in harsh environments. It has yet to be tested and we are looking for partners to complete the developement.


Deep Ocean Gravity Energy Storage is our proposal for storage when ocean depth is larger than 500 m. A paper has been published on the international Journal Energy Storage.

The storage tank is constituted by a stack of steel pipes.
Reversible water turbine is shown on rigth


Isothermal air compression is a challenging problem. The solution proposed works with hydraulic turbine and has an effciency higher than 80%. Air is compressed from 100 to 200 bar using and hydraulic system. Temperature variations are very limited.


Bifacial Floating Tracking Energy Reflector is our proposal for exploiting the potentiality of bifacial panels.

Reflector are positioned like in Colignola plant but further space is left for increasing rear reflection. Tracking and cooling are compulsory.

This scheme has been proposed in order to improve the energy yield when using bifacial panels.